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If you’re confused about gender, you’ve picked up the right book. It’s time for you to explore the wacky, wild world of gender theory: and you just might discover yourself along the way.

This looks at the two “original gangsta” genders—male and female—shows us the progressively insane slide into the multiplying number of genders that has lately been spiraling out of control.

In The Babylon Bee Guide to Gender, we’ll take you on a journey to the two “original gangsta” genders— male and female. Then, we’ll show you the progressively insane slide into the increasing number of potential genders that has spiraled out of control in the last few years. We’ll teach you how to pick your gender, educate you on how to tell if you’re a man or a woman, and show you the limitless cornucopia of gender identities to choose from. Just don’t use our incorrect pronouns—we go by Bee/Beeself.

The Babylon Bee’s Guide to Gender is by Babylon Bee and releases September 19, 2023


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